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'TAMRON HALL' CLIPS: Beyonce and Solange's Father, Mathew Knowles, Discusses Breast Cancer Diagnosis and the Possibility of Destiny's Child Reunion
October 8, 2019


Plus, Mathew’s Wife, Gena Knowles, Joins the Show for her First TV Interview

Also on Today’s Show, Moms Break Down the Benefits and Stigmas That Come with Marijuana Use

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Watch clip from today’s “Tamron Hall” HERE; additional clips from today’s show can be found below.

On today’s edition of “Tamron Hall,” Tamron hosted an honest conversation with mother Leah Campbell (Alaska), Editor-In-Chief of Parents Magazine, Liz Vaccariello, and Jenn Lauder (joined the show via Cyber Hall from Portland, OR) about both the benefits and stigmas that come along with marijuana use as a parent (Watch clip HERE). Leah opened up about the chronic pain caused by her endometriosis and her overwhelming anxiety that led her to try marijuana after other, more traditional medications had failed to work. On how marijuana helped to ease her anxiety:
“I was able to let my kid be a kid a little bit more without worrying about all of the bad things that could happen to her.”

Liz Vaccariello chimed into the conversation to discuss the hardships of mom shaming associated with mothers who drink or use marijuana, saying:
“We’re in a culture of mom judging...Now because we’re less familiar with the science behind cannabis, we go right to shaming and blaming moms.”

Jenn Lauder, Founder of Splimm, a digital magazine for parents who choose cannabis, added that once she came out of the “cannabis closet,” it was other mothers that shamed her the most.

Toward the end of the conversation, Tamron revealed to Dr. Tiffany Sizemore and Sue Varma, MD, DFAPA, that she had tried marijuana herself (Watch clip HERE), but didn’t like the effects it had on her, saying:
“I don’t want to be on anything having a five-month-old.”

Later in the show, Dr. Mathew Knowles discussed his recent breast cancer diagnosis, revealing that while he is in remission, he still worries about the cancer returning, saying:
“I’m not comfortable saying cancer free only because there’s still a risk.”

In her first television interview, Mathew’s wife, Gena Knowles, joined her husband to discuss the difficult diagnosis and how breast cancer has taken a huge toll on her and her loved ones, revealing that both her sister and her mother had battled the illness: 
“It was devastating because I was so tender and raw because my sister had just passed away from breast cancer six months prior.”

During the interview, Mathew touched on the relationship he has with his famous daughters, Beyoncé and Solange, stating that while he doesn’t miss managing them, he loved being able to watch them reach their dreams. Gena also opened up about the pressures she felt marrying into such a famous, beloved family. Tamron then asked the question that fans everywhere have been wondering: Will there be a Destiny’s Child reunion (Watch clip HERE)? Mathew responded coyly, saying:
“Well I always say that it would take two years just in preparation.”

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