Tuesday, November 26, 2019

2020 Is the "Year of the Rabbit" on IFC

2020 Is the "Year of the Rabbit" on IFC
Matt Berry's new comedy premieres Wednesday, February 19 at 10:30/9:30c on the cable channel.
[via press release from IFC] 2020 IS THE "YEAR OF THE RABBIT" ON IFC

BAFTA(R)-Winner Matt Berry's Newest Comedy Premieres Wednesday, February 19 at 10:30pm ET/PT

IFC's new original series Year of the Rabbit follows Detective Inspector Rabbit (Berry), a hardened booze-hound who's seen it all, and his hapless, new, by-the-books partner Strauss (Freddie Fox; Cucumber, Banana). While they're investigating a local murder, the lewd but insightful adoptive daughter (Susan Wokoma; Chewing Gum, Crazyhead) of the chief of police joins them, becoming the country's first female officer. Together, the trio must fight crime while rubbing shoulders with street gangs, crooked politicians, spiritualists, music hall stars and more.

Year of the Rabbit, co-produced by IFC, is directed by BAFTA-nominated Ben Taylor (Catastrophe) and written by Emmy(R) and WGA Award winners Andy Riley and Kevin Cecil (Veep), with additional material from Matt Berry. Ben Farrell and Toby Stevens will executive produce for Objective Fiction, with Hannah Mackay producing.

The six-episode first season of Year of the Rabbit premieres Wednesday, February 19 at 10:30pm ET/PT only on IFC.

Year of the Rabbit - Episode Descriptions
Episode 1: "Pilot" - D.I. Rabbit's been chasing Victorian London's criminals for as long as he can remember. But he's not as young as he was, and his heart keeps stopping, so he's forced to investigate the murder of a cabaret girl, along with his two new young partners, Mabel and Strauss.
Airs Wednesday, February 19th at 10:30pm ET/9:30c.
Episode 2: "Brick Man" - A new killer stalks the streets of London, disguised as the Brick Man, a terrifying figure from urban folklore. Rabbit and his team have to find the murderer before the city is engulfed by panic and riots.
Airs Wednesday, February 26 at 10:30pm ET/9:30c.
Episode 3: "Gangs" - Rabbit's team has to go undercover in warring youth gangs, but Rabbit's too old for that, so he investigates mysterious deaths at an old people's home... which turns out to be just as dangerous.
Airs Wednesday, March 4 at 10:30pm ET/9:30c.
Episode 4: "Sniper" - As a mystery sniper kills in London, Rabbit must protect a visiting Prince of Bulgaria, all while dealing with the Prince's sister and an old flame who might be the murderer.
Airs Wednesday, March 11 at 10:30pm ET/9:30c.
Episode 5: "Hostage" - When a seemingly mad poisoner takes a group of young women hostage and threatens to release deadly gas, Rabbit must handle the crisis before the female con he loves is executed for her crimes.
Airs Wednesday, March 18 at 10:30pm ET/9:30c.
Episode 6: "Framed Rabbit" - Things are not looking good for Rabbit - he's either been framed for murder, or committed a murder. Whichever way, he's on the run, but Strauss and Mabel refuse to believe he's guilty.
Airs Wednesday, March 25 at 10:30pm ET/9:30c. 

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