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CLIP: Former Philadelphia Eagles Player And ‘America’s Got Talent’ Contestant Jon Dorenbos Shares How Magic Helped Saved His Life On Today’s ‘Tamron Hall’

November 26, 2019


Plus, Event Planner and Designer Jung Lee Gives Tips On Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

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Former Philadelphia Eagles player, NFL All-Pro and “America’s Got Talent” finalist Jon Dorenbos joined today’s “Tamron Hall,” opening up about finding forgiveness after his father murdered his mother and why he credits magic to saving his life in his new book, Life Is Magic: My Inspiring Journey from Tragedy to Self-Discovery.

When asked where he finds the strength to share the tragic story about the murder of his mother, who was beaten to death by his own father 27 years ago,  John shared, “It took me a long time to figure out, life happens. I have a choice to live in bitter and grief or I can say I have somebody up their front row up in heaven rooting for me.” He continued to say how football and magic helped save his life noting, “Football became my outlet for my aggression and then at night I would shuffle [cards]. When I sit at a table and shuffle the world quiets and I can do my thinking.”

On the heels of becoming a first time father, John opened up about sitting down with his own father for the first time, years after the murder of his mother and his road to forgiveness, saying “What’s more important than what was said was the approach to why I was going and why I was there. I realized I didn't need validation, I didn't need answers, I don't need excuses, in fact I didn't need anything from him. For me forgiveness became about coming to peace with my reality and coming to peace with my life and my past. I didn't agree with my dad for killing my mom and I don't think I forgave him for that, but thinking about my soon-to-be daughter I said, I forgive you for being lost and for making really bad mistakes. My dad was my hero. This was the guy who was supposed to teach me about love, trust and about family and providing and yet he betrayed my family more than anybody.” WATCH CLIPS HERE

Speaking on where his relationship with his father stands now Dorenbos went on to say, “It wasn't about us continuing a relationship. It was about me closing a chapter and starting a new chapter.”

Tamron was also joined by her close friend, event planner and designer, Jung Lee who shared tips on how to personalize a holiday table  on any budget. Lee’s top decorating tips include always having fruit, grapes, nuts, pomegranate etc. on your table, serving as both a decoration and a treat!

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