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CLIP: Patti LaBelle and Deborah Cox on Today's "Tamron Hall"

November 25, 2019


Plus, Grammy Nominated Deborah Cox Explains Her Emotional Post About The American Music Awards And Why The LGBTQ Community Embraces Her
Watch a clip of Tamron Hall’s sit-down with Patti LaBelle HERE
Watch a clip of Tamron Hall’s interview with Deborah Cox HERE
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Tamron Hall was joined by multi-talented singer, actress, and entrepreneur Patti LaBelle on the Monday, November 25th show to talk about the many facets of Patti’s vibrant career. They even turned up the heat in the kitchen as Patti shared her macaroni and cheese recipe and some new items in her Patti’s Good Life food line. 

When asked how she stays so young -- both physically and mentally -- Patti shared,“It's the Philly in me. My mother and father in me. We have good genes, and good black don’t crack. I’m just loving my life. I’m 75 years young. Don't ever be afraid of your age, ladies.” She continued to say how she always makes sure she’s looking her best noting, “Even at the airports -- you’re going to see me in a pump, and a nice wig, or a nice hat.” WATCH CLIP HERE 

Patti later shared how fulfilling her family’s dream of her becoming a star keeps her motivated, saying “When everybody died and left me, I was the only one in the family. My mother and father and sisters, they’re gone. And I have to stay to make their dreams come true because their dreams were Patti LaBelle becoming a big, major, major, major women and so I'm here for them and me.”

Tamron was also joined by another member of music royalty,  Grammy Award nominated recording artist, and actress Deborah Cox who explained her thoughts behind last night’s Instagram post about her experience at the American Music Awards.  When Tamron asked what inspired the post she shared, “When I first got into the industry there was a lot stacked up. There was a lot of expectations about where I should be, how many records I should sell, this kind of thing. So when I was nominated for an American Music Award, I was so proud just to be in the room with all these other artists that I loved and admired. I really reflected on just the journey -- what it took to get there, all the hard work. It reminded me that I need to constantly stay present because you just never know what the outcome is going to be.” WATCH CLIP HERE

When discussing her participation in the upcoming DIVAS Simply Singing! - an AIDS benefit dear to Deborah’s heart, Deborah shared why she thinks the LGBTQ community embraces her saying, “I think a lot of the songs were very empowering. I think a lot of the community found their authenticity-- they found their way of coming out. I heard so many stories of people saying that my songs have been the soundtrack to their lives. They’ve met their life partners. They've been able to just be their authentic selves.”
Following are highlights for Tamron Hall for the week of November 25, 2019. Please note: lineup is subject to change.
Tuesday, November 26:  Former NFL All-Pro and “America’s Got Talent” finalist Jon Dorenbos on how magic saved his life.

Wednesday, November 27: Tamron gives thanks with guest Kelly Rowland (former “Destiny’s Child”) and America’s Test Kitchen with Julia Collin Davison, who, with the help of kid chefs, will be preparing both traditional and non-traditional kid-approved Thanksgiving dessert recipes.   

Thursday, November 28: Singer and actress Jordin Sparks on motherhood and her return to Broadway. Plus: two moms who gave birth to their daughters after having groundbreaking uterine transplants. (OAD: 10/17/19)

Friday, November 29: Mega-star and philanthropist Tyler Perry, who opened his own history-making movie studio in Atlanta. Plus: Country star and actress Jana Kramer and husband Mike Caussin will discuss how their marriage survived sex addiction and infidelity. (OAD: 10/22/19)

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