Saturday, November 16, 2019

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RED FLAG – In the wake of mass shootings, states have turned to “Red Flag” laws, allowing law enforcement to temporarily remove firearms from someone posing a threat. Colorado just passed the law, but residents there are fiercely divided. Half the counties have declared themselves second amendment sanctuaries, with some sheriffs vowing not to enforce the law. Scott Pelley reports. Ashley Velie is the producer. 

INTO THE DEEP – The ocean floor holds trillions of dollars-worth of metals essential to the production of supercomputers, electric cars and cell phones. While other countries begin efforts to mine them, the U.S. is left out because it failed to sign a U.N. treaty. Bill Whitaker reports. Heather Abbott is the producer.

THE YOUNGEST REFUGEES – Sesame Street is bringing a new gang of Muppets to the Middle East. The creators of the legendary children’s show and the International Rescue Committee have joined forces to address the needs of Syrian child refugees. Lesley Stahl reports from Jordan. Shari Finkelstein is the producer.

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