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November 18, 2019


Plus, The Show Kicks Off “Throwback Week” With A Surprise Visit From Legendary Talk-Show Host Sally Jessy Raphael

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Legendary EGOT winner and fellow daytime talk show host, Whoopi Goldberg (“The View”) joined the November 18 edition of “Tamron Hall” to discuss her new book "The Unqualified Hostess" and the upcoming release of her holiday sweater line for During their chat, Whoopi opened up about her conscious choice to live alone with her 20 year old cat, Oliver, saying, “When you make a commitment to live with someone else, it’s a commitment to ask their opinion and listen and work it out with them. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to share money. I know it’s terrible but I don’t want to.” She went on to describe how she prefers to dedicate her time to her daughter and grandchildren. When Tamron asked about the inspiration behind her new book,Whoopi shared that it was her antisocial tendencies that prompted her to start having dinner parties.

Tamron asked the comedian if she’s living the life she always saw for herself. Whoopi explained how she imagined herself opening a studio, similar to the one Tyler Perry just opened saying, “I kinda thought I would be Tyler Perry, but I’m glad, really, that I wasn’t. I wanted to open up a studio. I wanted to do that, but I just never made the dough…. And I don't want you to take it the wrong way. They paid me really well. And they still do, but I was a person with a family so I had to take care of my family and all that.” While discussing her upcoming return  to the stage for “Sister Act” in London, Whoopi said that the overwhelming response from fans prompted Disney to consider making a “Sister Act 3” film, something she thinks the world could use right now: “One and Two did a lot for folks. And I just feel like there’s a lot of bad stuff in the world, what’s wrong with some nuns and people singing?” WATCH CLIPS HERE

Later,  Tamron kicked off  “Throwback Week,” a week dedicated to some of the most unforgettable actors, musicians and entertainers who have impacted pop culture, with a surprise appearance by Sally Jessy Raphael. As one of the first women to have her own syndicated talk show, the 84-year-old weighed in on her thoughts on today’s daytime landscape, sharing, “I think you’re [Tamron] good. I think there are a lot that are not. I think it lost its way somehow, somewhere. Maybe the pie has too many slices in it.” When asked about the secret to her 50+ year marriage, Sally revealed, “The secret is that we are really brought up, at least in my age and maybe even now, to get a guy that’s two inches taller, two years older, two thousand dollars richer, two years more school.. That he should be there. You know, have that over you. And the answer is that we’re out there looking for that and we shouldn’t. We should marry our best friend.” WATCH CLIPS HERE

Listings for “Tamron Hall” the week of November 18 are below. For times and channels go to and follow the show on social media @TamronHallShow.
“Tamron Hall” Upcoming Listings:
Tuesday, November 19: Award-winning Director/Producer Ava DuVernay on her latest projects. And: relationship expert and author Shan Boodram with secrets to being a better partner. Plus: throwback week continues with a mystery guest musical performance.
Wednesday, November 20: Women and stress: it’s become a U.S. health epidemic – what are common triggers, how can we understand and possibly avoid it, and what can be done to fend off the effects? Plus: throwback week continues with a “new edition” of another mystery guest.
Thursday, November 21: Comedian Gary Gulman (comedy documentary “The Great Depresh”) on how being funny helped him find joy again. Plus: throwback week continues with a popular sitcom star mystery guest.
Friday, November 22:  Model and actress Lauren Hutton with her secrets to looking great at any age and her pioneering career. Plus: throwback week concludes with a favorite sitcom star mystery guest.
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