Friday, November 22, 2019

VIDEO: Highlights from TBS' "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" 11-20-19

VIDEO: Clips from Last Night's Episode of
TBS' Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
On this week’s episode of Full Frontal, Sam continues the wild ride aboard the impeachment express and then makes a case for finally firing Stephen Miller based on…everything he has ever said and done! Also, Sam hosts a Thanksgiving feast for the women she’s most thankful for--the trailblazers of the #MeToo movement!

Impeachment Hearings: All The President’s Men Colluded
The impeachment hearings continued this week with more witnesses, most notably the US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, who gave a damning testimony. Will this be enough to convince republicans? Hint: it won’t.

Stephen Miller Is Garbage And Needs To Be Fired Immediately
Being the most racist member of the Trump administration isn't an easy accomplishment; there are so many to choose from! Luckily, white supremacist Stephen Miller has risen to the top and needs to be fired immediately.

A #MeToo Thanksgiving
It’s been two years since #MeToo exploded across the internet and took down some of America’s worst serial predators. Sam met with with Tarana Burke, the woman who originally started the movement 13 years ago, as well as badasses Megan Twohey, Jodi Kantor, Chanel Miller, and June Barrett. Together they celebrated the first annual Sam’s Food Day of Gratitude, an original idea that has never existed before, so stop telling us it did.

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