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Ovation TV Sets Premiere Date for a Lucky 13th Season of "Murdoch Mysteries"; Celebrates 200th Episode Mid-Season

Ovation TV Sets Premiere Date for a Lucky 13th Season of "Murdoch Mysteries"; Celebrates 200th Episode Mid-Season
Airing back to back episodes all season long, the 13th season premiere will air on Ovation starting Saturday, February 1.

The Mysteries Continue with Back to Back Episodes Every Saturday Night Starting February 1; Series Star Yannick Bisson Directs Episode 4

Los Angeles, CA - December 12, 2019 Ovation, America's only arts network, has announced the season 13 premiere date for long-running fan favorite Murdoch Mysteries. The drama series is set in Toronto in the late 1890s and early 1900s during the age of invention, where Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), the methodical detective, and his impassioned wife Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy) enlist radical forensic techniques like fingerprinting and ultraviolet light to solve a range of gruesome murders. Airing back to back episodes all season long, the 13th season premiere of Murdoch Mysteries will air on Ovation starting Saturday, February 1 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.
Season 13 of the internationally acclaimed series continues to explore the personal and professional developments in the lives of Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), Dr. Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy), Inspector Thomas Brackenreid (Thomas Craig), Constables George Crabtree (Jonny Harris) and Henry Higgins-Newsome (Lachlan Murdoch), and Detective Llewelyn Watts (Daniel Maslany) as they tackle Toronto's toughest mysteries, from the serious and historic to the comical and unusual. This season also features the 200th episode of the series, which will air on Saturday, March 7th at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.

Murdoch continues his deft detective work and bolsters his investigations with new innovations including a "searchizer" device that measures facial features and matches them with existing police files. Unfortunately, he is still rattled by suspicions about Violet Hart's (Shanice Banton) appointment to coroner and doesn't completely trust her abilities or motives. The station also sees a new addition with Special Constable Robert Parker (Marc Senior), an African American former Pinkerton who went from suspect in a union murder to helping solve the case.

Murdoch Mysteries is based on Maureen Jennings's popular Detective Murdoch series of novels and premiered in Canada in January 2008. Murdoch Mysteries is executive produced by Christina Jennings, Scott Garvie, Yannick Bisson, Hélène Joy, and Peter Mitchell, who also serves as showrunner, and produced by Stephen Montgomery and Julie Lacey. Murdoch Mysteries is developed and produced by Shaftesbury, in association with CBC, ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment and UKTV, and with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, the IPF's COGECO Television Production Fund, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, and Ontario Creates. Shaftesbury Sales Company and ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment hold worldwide distribution rights for the series.

Full episode order and descriptions below:
Saturday, February 1 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 1 - "Troublemakers"
Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates an explosion at a suffrage rally attended by Dr. Talbot (Claire Goose) and Julia (Hélène Joy), after a man dies.
Saturday, February 1 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 2 - "Bad Pennies"
When a dockworker is shot, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) pursues an elusive witness and learns anti-union thugs may be involved.
Saturday, February 8 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 3 - "Forever Young"
Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates the bizarre murder of a young woman who disappeared a decade earlier yet somehow hasn't aged a day.
Saturday, February 8 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 4 - "Prodigal Father"
A death at an investment event leads Crabtree (Jonny Harris) to the father he never knew. And Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) to suspect he may be culpable. *Directed by series star Yannick Bisson!
Saturday, February 15 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 5 - "Murdoch and the Cursed Caves"
An adventure in the woods turns scary when Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), Ogden (Hélène Joy), Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch), and Ruth (Siobhan Murphy) are stalked by a beast that killed two men.
Saturday, February 15 at 8pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 6 - "The Philately Fatality"
When a stamp enthusiast is murdered, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) wonders if it was for his collection of unique stamps or lovers.
Saturday, February 22 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 7 - "Toronto the Bad"
While moonlighting as a cab driver, Higgins (Lachlan Murdoch) finds a dead passenger in the backseat.
Saturday, February 22 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 8 - "The Final Curtain"
An actor is killed during a play featuring John Brackenreid (Charles Vandervaart) and attended by Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), Ogden (Hélène Joy), Crabtree (Jonny Harris), and John's parents.
Saturday, February 29 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 9 - "The Killing Dose"
After a young woman is critically injured from a fall, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Ogden (Hélène Joy) suspect her family is complicit.
Saturday, February 29 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 10 - "Parker in the Rye"
When a whiskey baron and his family are murdered, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) puts Parker (Marc Senior) in the cells with a hitman to see who hired him.
Saturday, March 7 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 11 - "Staring Blindly into the Future" (200th episode!)
Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) investigates the disappearances of Nikola Tesla (Dmitry Chepovetsky) and Marie Curie (Eva Placzynska) from a conference of 20th century innovators.
Saturday, March 7 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 12 - "Fox Hunt"
When a body is found during a fox hunt Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Brackenreid (Thomas Craig) suspect a group opposed to the sport is responsible.
Saturday, March 14 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 13 - "Kill Thy Neighbor"
Suspicions fall on Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) when his unpleasant neighbor is murdered.
Saturday, March 14 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 14 - "Rigid Silence"
When Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Ogden (Hélène Joy) investigate a prison inmate's suspicious suicide, they discover rival gangs in the jail.
Saturday, March 21 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 15 - "The Trial of Terrance Meyers"
When Terrence Meyers (Peter Keleghan) faces charges of treason, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and Ogden (Hélène Joy) are named as accomplices.
Saturday, March 21 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 16 - "In the Company of Women"
Ogden (Hélène Joy) and Effie (Clare McConnell) try to untangle the death of a hair salon owner that occurred outside Murdoch (Yannick Bisson)'s jurisdiction.
Saturday, March 28 at 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Episode 17 - "Things Left Behind"
Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) suspects a colleague has ties to a murder, Ogden (Hélène Joy) flirts with danger, and Crabtree (Jonny Harris) meets an intense fan.
Saturday, March 28 at 8pm ET / 5pm PT
Episode 18 - "The Future is Unwritten"
After a shocking death, Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) is convinced someone close to Station House No. 4 is involved.

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