Thursday, December 19, 2019

Vivica A. Fox Hosts LMN's Annual Deadly Resolutions Returning on New Year's Night

Vivica A. Fox Hosts LMN's Annual Deadly Resolutions Returning on New Year's Night
Fox, who headlines the network's Wrong Movie franchise, hosts the month-long stunt which will include the premiere of her latest thriller, "The Wrong House Sitter."

[via press release from LMN]
Month-Long Stunt Features Eleven New Movies Including The Premiere of Latest Wrong Thriller, The Wrong House Sitter on January 24, Starring and Executive Produced by Fox
New York, NY - December 18, 2019 - LMN rings in the New Year with the return of its annual Deadly Resolutions themed programming event, featuring eleven new movies, airing every Thursday and Friday at 8pm ET/PT beginning New Year's Night, January 1. Vivica A. Fox, who headlines the network's Wrong Movie franchise, hosts the month-long stunt which will include the premiere of her latest thriller, The Wrong House Sitter.

Starring Alexandra Paul, Mariette Hartley, Linden Ashby and Ezmie Garcia
January 1 at 8pm ET/PT
Seventeen-year-old Taylor (Garcia) lived on the streets until she was taken in by Larry (Ashby) and Sandy Stewart (Paul) who adopted her and gave her a chance at a better life. But the new life Taylor built is threatened when an assailant breaks into her home and seriously wounds her father. Taylor returns to the unforgiving back alleys of Los Angeles to find out who was responsible, triggering a deadly game of cat and mouse with her mysterious stalker. Escaping My Stalker is produced by Reel One Entertainment.

Starring Helena Mattson and Corey Sevier
January 2 at 8pm ET/PT
Kelly's (Mattson) life is upended when she wakes up in the hospital with fragments of her memory after a car crash. The only thing she is certain is that the people closest to her, are the very ones she's not sure she can trust: her business partner, her closest friend, and her husband, Dan (Sevier). Can she find the answers she needs before she is harmed again? Shattered Memories (wt) is produced by Candlelight Media Group.

Starring Cassie Howarth, Kevin Fonteyne, Shawn Pyfrom
January 3 at 8pm ET/PT
Amanda (Howarth), a young fashion model and single mother, is kidnapped by brothers Shawn (Fonteyne) and Tyler (Pyfrom) who plan to sell her on a human trafficking site. Held hostage in a remote cabin, Amanda must do whatever it takes to escape her captors and get back to her daughter. A Deadly Price for her Pretty Face is produced by Indy Entertainment.

Starring Aviva Mongillo and Bree Turner
January 9 at 8pm ET/PT
When Carrie (Mongillo) discovers that neighborhood gossip Madeline (Turner) may be to blame for the recent scandal involving her family, she is determined to exact revenge, even if it means exposing Madeline's own scandalous secret. But as Carrie gets closer to the truth, will Madeline's world come tumbling down? The Babysitter's Revenge is produced by Incendo.

Starring Natalie Sharp and Jon Cor
January 10 at 8pm ET/PT
Home from college for the summer break, Cassie (Sharp), is working as a babysitter when she thinks she hears what sounds like a murder plot over the baby monitor. After the children's mother vanishes, Cassie wonders if the killer might actually be her employer. Baby Monitor Murders is produced by Reel One Entertainment.

Starring Paige Searcy and Andrea Bogart
January 16 at 8pm ET/PT
Brooke (Searcy) is starting over in a new town with her mom and wealthy stepdad when she befriends a new guy she meets at school. Shortly after, Brooke is abducted from her home and her mother Shannon (Bogart) springs into action, taking it upon herself to find her daughter which puts her on a collision course with a deadly kidnapper. Gone Daughter Gone (wt) is produced by The Cartel.

Starring Rosalie McIntire, Karynn Moore and Juliet Rusche
January 17 at 8pm ET/PT
After the death of her estranged sister Nikki (McIntire), Carlyn (Moore) is surprised to learn that she is named in Nikki's will as guardian of her adopted daughter Zoey (Rusche). Carlyn moves across country to honor her sister's wishes and soon discovers that not only was Zoey left with a substantial inheritance but that not everyone is happy Nikki had a long lost sister. There is someone else who wants custody of Zoey and they aren't going to let Carlyn stand in their way. The Daughter Stalker (wt) is produced by The Cartel.

Starring Natalie Brown, Sarah Fisher, Alexa Rose Steele and Reha Sandill
January 23 at 8pm ET/PT
Hope (Brown) has always been close to her daughter Lacy (Fisher), but worries that that she's pulling away ever since her divorce. When Lacy brings home a new friend, Cassie (Steele), it seems Lacy might be back on track. Their blossoming friendship drives a wedge between Lacy and her best friend, Harper (Sandill). When Harper unearths Cassie's dark past, she tries to warn Hope, who writes it off as teen girl jealousy. But soon Lacy realizes Harper was right and Cassie is a lot more dangerous than she appears. Death By Friendship (wt) is produced by MarVista Entertainment.

Starring Vivica A. Fox and Jason-Shane Scott
January 24 at 8pm ET/PT
Deb (Fox), a successful editor, sends Dan (Jason-Shane Scott) on an assignment out of town just as he has just moved into his dream home. When he meets Kristin, his problem is solved because she seems like the perfect house sitter. However, his problems are just beginning as Kristin begins setting up house, posing as his new girlfriend and has no plans on leaving his home or his life. The Wrong House Sitter is executive produced by Jeffrey Schenck and Barry Barnholtz. Producers are Vivica A. Fox and David DeCoteau. DeCoteau directed from a script written by Adam Rockoff.

Starring Zoë Belkin, Samantha Helt, Tyler Hynes, Tanya Clarke and Jake Manley
January 30 at 8pm ET/PT
Gail (Clarke) must help her daughter Emily (Belkin) escape from a life of crime after she becomes embroiled in a dangerous scheme to steal luxury cars for her high school teacher. Grand Theft Auto Girls is produced by Johnson Production Group.

Starring Marci Miller and Kelly Blatz
January 31 at 8pm ET/PT
Karen (Miller), an emergency room doctor, is rescued by handsome stranger Daniel (Blatz) after she is attacked on her way home one night. When Daniel is injured in the attack, Karen takes him back to her house to tend to his wounds. But as Karen spends more time with Daniel, she learns that he is not the selfless hero she thought he was but is instead an unstable man with a sinister connection to her past. Sinister Savior (wt) is produced by MarVista Entertainment.

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