Friday, February 7, 2020

60 Minutes 2/9 on CBS


Editor’s note: These previously broadcast segments have been updated for this Sunday’s special edition.
ULTRA DEEP – South African miners are going ever deeper to find gold, digging some of the deepest mines in the world. Bill Whitaker descends nearly two miles for this story about extracting gold, and some of the deepest living organisms on Earth. Heather Abbott is the producer.
FLY LIKE AN EAGLE – Scott Pelley goes to the steppes of Mongolia to profile falconer Lauren McGough, an American who has mastered the ancient art of hunting with eagles. Nicole Young and Katie Kerbstat are the producers.
EASTER ISLAND – Anderson Cooper goes to Easter Island, where the famous stone statues called moai are fading away under the elements. Keith Sharman is the producer.
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